Please see the Boston Video Art Installation Brochure.

This public Video Art Installation will premiere April 16, 2023… the Sunday before the 2023 Boston Marathon. 

This immersive Video Art Installation will blend spectacular imagery, animation, and music, with a visual narrative that looks back at Boston’s long history of breakthrough achievements in science, medicine, technology, finance, and society that have changed our modern-day world and made Boston (and the Greater Region) a global center for innovation.

This original 20-minute-long presentation will be 3D projection-mapped onto the entire 75-foot-tall façade of the SoWa Power Station building located at 550 Harrison Ave. in Boston’s South End. The art installation will be shown outdoors FREE to the Public, 3 Nights a Week for a limited one-year engagement.

Xavier de Richemont is the world-renowned video painter creating the Boston video art installation. Xavier is a pioneer in the artistic use of projection-mapping techniques, having created over 150 video art installations in the past 20+ years.

To preview a 2-minute clip at the way the video art installation will appear once it premieres in Boston, please click here. The clip is an example from an installation Xavier produced a few years ago at the Sainte-Croix Cathedral in Orleans, France.

Sowa Power Station
Boston, Massachusetts

Spring 2023

Xavier de Richemont
Video Painter